Friday, August 6, 2010

Background & Vision

Ok, so I will start off this adventure with a disclaimer. I love to learn!!! I am always willing to try something new, to go somewhere I have never been, or to try a funny looking fruit in the produce isle. I am going about this adventure with an open mind, open to learn about new grape varieties, new wineries, and meet/chat with new people.

I love to try wine. I work at a winery, I take wine classes, I make my wife drink wine all the time, we both try wines from grapes we have never heard about. My goal with this blog is to experience news wines, to try grapes that are new to you, and to myself and have fun doing that. According to many sources, there are over 10,000 different grape varieties in the world, I know I will never try all of them (I am not sure if I will ever find the names of all of them) I soon will officially be a member of "The Wine Century Club" having tried over 100 wines from different varieties of grapes (a fairly good accomplishment for  someone who is only 26 years old)

During my blogging, I will focus on grapes made from wines besides the more popular vitis vinifera grapes (think grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay). Unfortunately not all grape growing regions can grow those popular grapes.  I will occasionally post a blog about a nice Cabernet, but you can read all about that wine on someone else's blog, I will try and keep it fresh. How many blog posts do you read about a nice LaCrescent (never heard of that grape?? you will very soon, a lot of cold-climate wineries are making some great wine from this grape!!) or Brianna? I will focus on those grapes, or other wines made from not so popular grapes, and who knows where I/we will end up!

I will try and utilize all of my assets to compile the best blog I can. I will call upon my knowledge of grapes, and at times pull in others who are more knowledgeable than I am. I will try and be humble, try and be objective, and be honest. I will also be open to suggestions, and comments made by readers. As my "guests" really it is your opinion that I value. So thanks, and enjoy!!

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