Friday, August 6, 2010

Indy International Wine Competition

The results are in! The 2010 Indy International Wine Competition is officially over. It is the largest scientifically organized and independent wine competition in the United States. If you are on twitter you can follow the hash tag #indy10 and see lots of posting and photos, it was crazy as the event was going on, lots of posts going up online and this great photo!!  who would not want to be there? Look at all that wine!!!

How did Iowa do you might ask? Fairly ok, not as much as could have been expected from the past (with quite a few double gold, and gold medals received from past Iowa winners) Fireside Winery in Marengo, IA brought home a gold medal for their Frontenac Wine. Tassel Ridge Winery, Leighton, IA, brought home 7 medals total, Prairie Crossing Winery brought home 5 medals, other wineries receiving medals were: Breezy Hills Winery, and Winneshiek Wildberry Winery.

Overall wines from the Midwestern states did VERY well. There are TONS of wines from these lists that I will want to try at some point!! 32 wines from Midwestern States (IL, IA, WI, MN, MO, MI, IN) received Double Gold medals. Wineries that did exceptionally well were: Huber Orchard, Oliver Winery, Satek Winery, all from Indiana, all received multiple Double Gold Medals!  Other wineries in the Midwestern states that did well: Galena Cellars, Lynfred Winery (IL) Holyfield Winery (KS) Stone Hill, St. James (MO) Cheers to ALL the winemakers in the Midwest!! Below is a link to the competition results.

The next big competition for Iowa wines is in a few weeks. The Minnesota State Fair will host the  2nd Annual Cold Climate International Wine Competition and will tout some of the best "cold climate" wines. Results will be posted as they come, keep a look out for Iowa wines that do well!

-Derek Whittington

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